Barn Yard Friends

Some of our Barn Yard Friends!!

Our New Additions!!!

Sapphire, Heifer born February 3, 20017. She was a twin, both survived, but she almost didn’t make it. Was blind and weak in the beginning. She was brought into the house for a week in the warmth to bring her back to health. She is now going strong and has her eye site back!





Copper, Bull Calf, born January 20, 20017 beautiful in color. No momma to be found, she just wasn’t taking care of this sweet lil guy. He loves his bottle and his new human moms! Thanking the Lord he is strong and healthy!





Hope, Goat born February 2016. She is a Dwarf goat. We acquired her on January 24, 2017  with a broken leg. She is in great care now and is being vet checked. She has settled in well and very happy. She was in a herd and never handled and learning humans are ok creatures.